Friday, January 18, 2008

Sketchy Sketchin' and Super Friends

A page from my sketchbook, actually a first for 2008, scary that we're already halfway through January. Where does the time go? Oh yeah, I remember, all sorts of other stuff I'm doing/wasting time on :P

Anywho, I thought I'd take a break from my current inking assignment, Super Friends #3 and get a little bit of drawing in. If you're curious, Super Friends is not the Superfriends, but a new comic based on the line of action figures put out by Mattel. They kind of remind me a little if you made gummi figures of the DC heroes, they'd kinda look like that. The penciller I'm working over is Stewart McKenny.

Caption for Panel 4: Supes: "Uh Diana, you know I'm really not into that sort of thing..."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Farewell, IMF! *sob* :(

Bah, I wake up one morning last week only to find that my music video channel that I scour to broaden my now +40 DVDs of videos is gone! Bought out and replaced by some Fine Arts crap called Ovation TV. IMF was a beacon in the fog of US music video channels like MTV and VH1 in that they played videos from around the world, and even some more obscure videos from the States. Yes, the world has also been taken over by Hip Hop, but you could have still found good songs and videos amongst the rabble.

So may you rest in peace IMF, along with The Tube, and the original MTV2. And the music industry wonders why their sales are going down...