Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freee! (and Shameless Plug #12)

Yay! Finally finished off a Samurai Jack story that I've been putting off for a couple months due to one distraction after another. It was very unprofessional of me, and I should straighten out my priorities. I think it did turn out well enough though and the inks were done in 4 days.

Hopefully I can get more work from DC. More inking work on WoW has dried up though because of a change in art direction, doing the Pencils to Painted Color route. Hope they pull it off though, I'm naturally not a big fan of the style. ;P Russell Lissau, another Chicago Local writing for DC says he's got a couple Batman: Brave and Bold stories in line, one with The Question which peaked my interest. We'll see what goes on with that. I'll most likely hang with him next week at Acen.

What? Acen? Anime Central?? Yes, I finally got word from their Chairperson that Jeff and I do have tables for the Exhibit Hall, so we'll be able to meet peeps and do some sketching. Jeff says though that he'll be dropping down from Madison on Saturday and Sunday. Raven is probably taking them out to see Star Trek.

And for peeps hitting the comic shop, World of Warcraft #18 came out a couple weeks ago. I inked the first 14 pages out of that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WoW #19 Inks

Well, World of Warcraft Issue #19 Inks are underway. Here's another craaazy double page spread penciled by Mike Bowden. Gotta love those Abominations with their guts hanging out... ew... :P

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Planet Comicon 2009 Day 2

As promised, the last 3 Sketches I did for peeps at Planet Comicon. 1) Seras from Hellsing, a suprisingly bloodly manga with lotsa limbs being hacked off, ew :P; 2) Witchblade art cover done in pen, I was inspired by Dan Scott (WoW and Magic TCC Painter) and his pen doodling he was doing in the space next to mine; and 3) The PPG style Batgirl for The BatFan! Enjoy!

And now it's off to inking WoW #19. It's another tight deadline, we'll see how many pages I can get this issue.