Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bump! I need more in mah Post Counts. :P

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Yay! New Post! More Shameless Plugs!

Yeah, I dropped off the face of the Earth again, wasting more time and procrastinatingly working on an 8-Pager Samurai Jack story that's just waiting for Pencil Approvals now. I am finally on Facebook, but I'm not sure how to make a Fan account to keep my personal friends and friendly fans separate.

I did put up some pics from this year's San Diego Convention there, though I thought I took some better and more pics, but I guess that's all I have. Enjoy what you can. Hopefully you can see them and they're not blocked. :)

LaJolla, CA
San Diego Comic Con
Sketches from SDCC

On Shameless Plug front, A couple of World of Warcraft Trades came out; Book 2 Hardcover which compiles issues #8-14. Book 1 is now in a Softcover TP with a shiny new cover.

Also out is the Cartoon Network Action Pack #41 which has my Samurai Jack "Sanderella" 6-Pager. It was rather wordy with all the narration they had in there, but glad to see they worked it all in around my artwork. ;)

And now, have some more doodles of Lady Scorpia.