Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Digital Inks

Practicing and farting around with a little more digital inking. I should probably get into the habit of drawing more environments with the figures -_-

This was done on my Samsung Series 7 Slate instead of the Cintiq. Good for doing stuff on the fly, but man, you deal with a tiny drawing area since the resolution is 1360x768 (11.6" screen). Kinda gestural in some areas, but I also like throwing some whites into solid black areas to give it some extra dimension. I'm not to Frank Miller mode though... :P

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Revisiting Da-Tee Paru

Long project over. MMO I've been playing for the past 8 years over. What to do but draw. :D

Mehbeh I'll have to revisit Kei and Yuri soon. I left the blue in because the pencil layer just looks like I traced the damn thing. And weirdly, I got much more sketchier on Yuri which I drew after Kei. Go figure. -_-

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Farewell, City of Heroes

So it ends, a journey of 8 years with an online community that enriched not only the coffers of a game company, but of each other's lives with their time, effort, adventurousness, advice, love, hate, and drama that makes us people and not just pixels on the screen.

May all the people I encountered, as well as all the players of City of Heroes over the years live better days in the future... and maybe get outside more ;P

Many thanks to the developers who created a world where we could thrive in friendship and our own creativity.