Monday, February 22, 2010

How Time Flies

New Year and even Chinese New Year has past since my last posting, sorry all. Still trying to muddle through the inks on a special independent project then hopefully some new work. Getting distracted by the new Star Trek Online game can be blamed, but at least a bit of the excessive playing has made my Space Bar Thumb sore enough that I'm laying off it right now. :P I would say that even though I enjoy flying around in an Original TOS Enterprise, there really isn't much the way for Multiplayer action in STO. I've been labeling it a Massively Instanced Single Player Online Game (or MISPOG).

So Convention Season is quickly approaching and I've got a couple lined up for shore: San Diego is always a must and Crazy trying to get hotel rooms, and Planet Comic-Con in Kansas City. I'm still trying to get in touch with the Anime Central crew to be a Guest again, always a good time; but the people who run Fallcon in Minneapolis has changed their schedule around so their 2-day show which is normally in Sept/Oct, is now on the same weekend as Acen. If Acen falls through I guess it would be Fallcon in May. Both shows have treated us great in the past and it's unfortunate when con dates conflict. :(

Other con stuff that's happening is C2E2 which is the New York Comic-Con's big debut in Chicago at McCormick Place. Hope it has a good turnout and will give Wizard some competition. :P Anyhoo, the con needed some artist info and artwork for their site and Artist Alley Placeholders, so I did some original art for an idea that I have for a banner (if I ever get around to doing and paying for one. :P) Enjoy! :)