Monday, October 6, 2008

Fallcon Comes and Goes

The last con of the season for me, Fallcon has come and gone. A two hour trip up to Madison, then Jeff drives the rest of the way for 4 more up to Minneapolis. Along the way we took a little stop at a "scenic" rest stop off of I-94 near Black River Falls. It has a lookout view of forested area which would probably look spectacular when the leaves change. Unfortunately we were too early for that.

The guys that put together Fallcon are great, and I can't thank them enough for inviting us. Not only did they treat us to a steak barbecue again, but one of the organizers, Mike got married to his girlfriend Lisa with all his friends, relatives, and convention guests in attendance. It was a short but sweet ceremony, with a few comic-related jokes thrown in to make it memorable. Friends Cory and Amy Carani also came up from Madison for their first Fallcon experience, and we all hung out in Artist Alley like old times. Shoulda taken more pics of everything, rats...

Commissions for me were kind of slow this year, probably due to the downturn in the economy, but the ones I got, I enjoyed doing. First was a Rogue piece done for the charity auction there. Being the first, I had a hard time getting things to look the way I wanted, I must have redrawn the face like 15 times. So out of practice. I also got to draw a Playboy Bunny (which reminds me I have to make my all Bunny superheroine sketchbook) and Betty Rubble in my own style, I always like the challenge. Since I didn't have that many new commissions to do, I had time to Make Some Magic For Johnny, and finish up his piece that's been laying around since San Diego. Now I just have to mail the darn thing.

After the convention and before hitting the road, we went to Outback and had dinner with a bunch of the local creators and some of the other out-of-town guests. I sat next to Gordon Purcell and Dwayne McDuffie and had discussions about JLA, the ol' days at Marvel and DC, Ed Benes, and Star Trek. Total geek stuff and a great time, of course 2 for 1 Happy Hour helps too. :) After that Jeff drove back down to Madison (with our Tasty Pies from Baker's Square) and I did a redeye drive back home just because I love avoiding traffic. I got back round 2:30am and went to bed round 4ish.

Totally blowing through the day recovering, watching an ineffectual Congress trying to skewer the CEO of Leman Bros., having pie for breakfast, immediatly followed by lasana for lunch, and the obligatory food coma, I got a call from Sarah at Wildstorm for some more WoW work. It must be the book that will not die, because I got to do the inks for the Cover (squee!) over Ludo Lullabi (squee!) with some Busty Woman front and center (Squee Squee!) So Issue 12 will have 9 pages of inks and the cover done by me. Nice work when you can get it. :)

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