Saturday, April 4, 2009

Planet Comicon 2009 Day 2

As promised, the last 3 Sketches I did for peeps at Planet Comicon. 1) Seras from Hellsing, a suprisingly bloodly manga with lotsa limbs being hacked off, ew :P; 2) Witchblade art cover done in pen, I was inspired by Dan Scott (WoW and Magic TCC Painter) and his pen doodling he was doing in the space next to mine; and 3) The PPG style Batgirl for The BatFan! Enjoy!

And now it's off to inking WoW #19. It's another tight deadline, we'll see how many pages I can get this issue.

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The Batfan said...

Blossom as batgirl is Mine :)