Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to Back Cons!

Tomorrow Jeff and I will be heading out to the hot town of Killeen, TX for Animix, an anime convention near Fort Hood. It'll be our first time out there so all my stuff will be new to them! :P

San Diego will be the week after and we'll be shopping around on Preview Night, but will be at our Artist Alley spaces the rest of the time. Jeff and I are at spots EE-07 and EE-08, which might be the same spots we had last year. Nice to have some continuity.

We're relegated to 1/2 a table each again, so I'll probably be leaving the comic book back issues at home, but will have my Original Art, same ol' prints, and will do Sketch Commissions (no color cept for CN stuff.) New for this year is a collection of nekkid Faye Valentines out of my sketchbooks, lovingly laid out in a 40 page book appropriately titled "FayeSketches."

I was hoping to work up some new prints, but procrastinated too long and didn't really get anything down. I did finish an idea for my Joker/Harley print, but will probably just sell off the original. Some things don't work for me, and I'll probably do another later on.

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