Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peeking Before X-Mas!

Here's a little sneak peek at the X-Mas Card I'm getting around to doing this year. I really only do them if I have an idea that I like, so they're few and far between (this being the 2nd :P). Again, it's the PPG, darn them, they keep dragging me back... XD I suppose next year I could just do a sexy babe in a Santa suit... :/

The full size of the original art is 11x17, heh almost like doing covers again. My monitor for Photoshop is not calibrated correctly so the reds and some of the other colors aren't coming out as vibrant as when I'm looking at it in PS. Not sure how to correct that or if I'll have problems when it comes to printing them. The inside of the card will be quite wordy and I'm not sure I'll have enough gumption to have a little beaten up Mojo in there... We'll See...

[edit] Weird, now that I look at it online, the colors are closer to what they are in PS... darnit.

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