Monday, April 19, 2010

Post C2E2

Monday Morning and recovering from C2E2. It was a blast, albeit, a bit expensive to have the con so close to Downtown Chicago, but Man, what a view. Setup on Thursday was extra nice, being sunny and 80. The rest of the weekend was also sunny, but a bit on the nippy side. That's Chicago for you. ;)

I kept some friends company who went to the Kick Ass premiere at River East. They didn't have tickets, just wanted autographs (which they got, though they look more like squiggles to me. :P) from Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz. Fun and interesting to hang out though. Ate out at P.J. Craig's after and drew on the butcher paper while waiting for mah Chicken Pot Pie(!).

The con itself was good for a first time, I hope they continue and put pressure on WW. Getting down from Downtown Chicago to McCormick place was a bit of a hassle on Friday with the morning rush, but Saturday and Sunday was easier getting the shuttle and moving on the roads. Even though I only live about 50 minutes away, I don't get into Chicago nearly enough as I'd like to. I love taking pics of the buildings. Though I think I need a new camera, one that takes better long exposures for night shots. But a Big Thank You to the C2E2 staff for putting me on their list for Artist Alley. :)

On to Sketches! I had a fun time doing these, Jesse Quick (though I did have an idea for "Flashing," maybe have to do that later. ;) ) Did some Magic for Johnny in the form of an Anime Schoolgirl, a PPG sketch for John Metych's (Sniper and Rook) son, and a nice Animated Batgirl. There's one other commish, but that's NSFW, and I didn't get a pic of the Stick Figure I drew for some guy's sketchbook theme. A lot of free quickie sketches went out to Kids on Kids Sunday.

I did take a couple of commishs to do at home, just to do a better inking job on it with mah pro tools. And I did get another Bunny pic mostly pencilled out, this one of Ms. Marvel to compliment the one I have in mind for Rogue. I'll post those when I get them done, or should I?? Noone would buy the book then. :P

Anyhoo, back at home and had a great time at C2E2! :)


Chris Boyd said...

Hey Sir. It was nice to meet you Saturday. Love the Bat Girl.

Shane said...

C2E2 was a blast! Thanks so much for the Jesse Quick, it so rocks! Next time I will let you play!

Inkermoy said...

Heh, I'll try to keep that idea in mind for next time. ;)