Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spectacular Spider-Man 214 & 215

Got a couple of comp copies from Panini Press in the UK so I can finally see the final product of my inks and John Royle's pencils on Spidey! Wish I could have gotten around to inking John's Covers, bonus for them being a pull out poster inside the mag. :P

Thanks to Pat Bishop for sending them out to me.


Wunderkind said...

We've got both of the magazines at home, nice work! Please check out my son's website, he's only 5 and loves comics:

~P~ said...


I just received a copy of 214 (from ebay UK) and after reading find that the story CONTINUES in 215! AGH!!!

Now I have to find THAT one.
They are SO hard to get here in the USA.

On the bright side, it is a wonderful thing to FINALLY see the "real" Dr. Strange in a comic again (after years of his abuse in the comics here).
Strange indeed that it has to come from a UK "kids" comic.

The artwork is TOP NOTCH!
Nicely done by John Royle and yourself.
Take a bow!

(Now... if you have any leads on where I can find 215...)


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~P~ said...

Actually, now that I think of it...
if you would be willing to sell some of your file copies, I've got a list of some issues I'd love to buy.

Y'know... if you want to.
I can totally understand if you'd want to keep them as printed examples of your work.

But, if you're inclined to part with them, let me know.



Kamusazazel said...

hello, do you have the issues 219 and 220 of that comics?