Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Planet Comicon 2012 Sketches

Here's the roundup from most of the sketches I did at Planet Comicon in Kansas City this past weekend.  The con was bigger and the crowds seemed to expand to fill the space, which I hope bodes well for future Planet Comicons.  Much Thanks to Chris Jackson and Sidne Ward for having us out again for another year.

Many thanks to everyone who commissioned me also for the sketches, a very nice collection indeed for the first con of the year with Cassie Cain (Batgirl), Kiss Shot (Bakemonogatari), Gold in a Metal Men Artist mash-up, a Shirow-inspired Raunchy Pirate, Saturn Girl in a Bunny outfit, Harley, and Red Sonja.

One Note about the Red Sonja cover:  It was paid for and never picked up!  To whomever commissioned this piece, if you would like to claim it, contact me (I have your name.)

Next Convention: C2E2 April 13-15th in Chi-Town!

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nice metal men!
fighting urge to make pirate booty joke...must...log...offf...