Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post C2E2

Well, C2E2 was a fun time to be had, glad to meet lots of fans (some mistakening me for Jeff, natch.) Signed lots of copies of Star Trek/Legion and did some sketching for peeps.  I also met some people who might get me off mah lazy butt and get some more prints out.  Enjoy the sketches though. :)

First up is a fan's character in Mass Effect 2 Armor, which sometimes can be a PitA to draw. :P

Followed by doing some more "Magic fer Johnny." An original anime style fairy.  Colors seem a tad all over the place, and I got carried away on the background again, not good because it sucks my markers dry.

 These two are actually 1 commission that was paid for but never picked up.  The gent wanted Martian Manhunter, but I neglected to ask if he wanted the comic version or the animated version.  I had some time on my hands so I did both.  Might ink them up to make them look a-really-nicee!

Some Star Trek sketch covers drawn up by my bro, Jeff, then inked traditionally with brush. I really like the Spock out of the batch.

Lastly, I didn't draw it, nor own it, but just had to share, a Playboy Bunny rendered in marker and watercolor by the fabulous Stephane Roux who sat next to us.  Simple and Elegant, I think I'm trying too hard.

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