Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Updates (Boobies!)

Here's another pic drawn last night. I think i'll get around to inking a blueline of it sometime. But now it's time to try to get my taxes done, that is, after i fill my belly with food!


B.G. said...

Hurray for updates. Boo for taxes.

Great sketches, thanks for posting them. Maybe you could keep the next sketchbook title simple and call it "Rawhide." The problem is it isn't sexually suggestive. Nope. Not at all. Nu-uh. Not even a little.

But now one wonders, will the hentai stuff be appearing anywhere?

And is it just me or was your webpage hacked?

Inkermoy said...

Hmm, that title could work. Though it brings to mind Adam Hughes' cover for one of his sketchbooks.

As for my webpage, I can't seem to get a link either... It was out of date anyhoo. But i'm not paying some jokers money to have my site down. :P