Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update Requested

So someone requested that I update my blog page, ask and ye shall receive--Boobies! Mwhahahahaaaa! First pic is from the upcoming Issue 19 of Gen 13 from Wildstorm Comics where I got 8 pages to ink over Kevin West. Unfortunately, this was pretty much the only cheesecake out of the lot, lots of explody things happening though.

Next is another page out of my sketchbook. This page actually follows directly after the last sketchpage I put up on this blog. So yes, it's been 2 f***ing months since I've drawn anything (well, cept a little hentai stuff which shall not appear here).

Maybe this will get me up and running to making another sketchbook this year. I'm not sure what to call it though, since my Western Theme Trilogy is already done (A Fistful of Dolls, For A Few Dolls More, and The Good, The Bod, And The Undies.) I could look at other Western titles and pick one of those.

World of Warcraft Comic #5 (Wildstorm): I inked some pages out of that too. Hopefully my stuff blends well with the regular inker's work.

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