Thursday, April 10, 2008

Planet Comicon Day 2

Two more pics that were done for the second day of Planet Comicon. I did get a 3rd one done, but Jeff has it on his camera and still has to send it to me. Left is Light Lass from the new Legion of Superheroes book, and on the right is that Lone Wolf and Cub guy (still can't remember his name).

A fun and profitable trip, as every year, Thank you Chris Jackson and Sidne Ward for having us out again. I'm currently inking some hush-hush stuff
for Wildstorm, badging in my game I play, and waiting next week for hopefully some more inking work over Super Friends. I still have to finish off my Bleach print, I'll figure it somewhere in there... :P

There is a bit of talk about heading out to Heroes Con in Charlotte NC, and possibly Baltimore Con. I'll post if it becomes definite. Baltimore is nice since it's more comic/artist centric. Good place to get alot of nice sketches by big named artists.

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Shane said...

I love the Planet Comicon art Phil! I just found your blog recently and think it is great!

Haven't seen you at Mid Ohio for awhile, it would be Fantastic to see you down at Hero Con!