Sunday, April 6, 2008

Planet Comicon, Kansas City

Here's the day's (and night's) haul from today's event. Lotsa fun, sometimes fustrating, had to erase faces many times to get them the way I like. But all n' all, not a bad batch. Top Tier: Shadowwing (Original Character), Shadowcat (done by Jeff) and Majik in a twofer (no twosome, aww. :( ), and Neriel, a character from the new arc in Bleach.

After the con, Jeff and I played in a charity Hold'em event. I was the first LOSER out of all 3 tables (yay me!). But I was followed close behind by Phil Hester, I guess it luck wasn't on the side for anyone named "Phil." At least Beer and Food wuz to be had... :P

Back at the hotel, we got some work done down in the lobby doing a sketch night thing, jawjaggin' with Angel Medina and Sidne Ward for a spell. Two more sketches were done: Spoiler as Robin, and Black Widow; leaving me with one sketch left to do tommorow. Fun time, now bedtime. G'night!

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