Sunday, March 29, 2009

Planet Comicon 2009

The time sure goes by fast. The Kansas City con came and went. Nice weather Friday, then with 4 inches of snow that fell late Saturday, only to all melt by Sunday night. Craziness! I hope the snow melts back home as it did in KC.

Jeff and I got to the airport on time, only to find the plane would be an hour an a half late. Also, it sucks to find out that I forgot to close the garage door before I left, only to have a nice neighbor close it for me. I Guess I'll have to meet him sometime to thank him (He's only been living across the street for a couple years. :P)

Anyhoo, the con went well, got to chat/hang with some comic art heavyhitters like Joe Jusko, Michael Golden, Mark Texiera, and Tommy Castillo. I also finally met Cynthia Martin, whom I inked over on some fill-in Blue Beetle issues. She's been in the industry a long time, pencilling Mavel's Star Wars comic back in the 80's. Purdy kewl person and artist, hopefully we'll be able to collaborate on something again in the future and I won't try to run over her pencils to make it look like Cully's art (although she says she didn't mind, how kind ;) ).

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) Here! Have some pics of Comissions from the first day of the Con (Very Productive Day!) 1. Mary Jane Watson, 2. Serina from Magna Carta, 3. Element Lad, 4. Kinetix, 5. Rogue by me and Storm by Jeff.


Shane said...
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Shane said...

Wow, great sketches! Miss seeing you at shows out our way (Mid Ohio)!

Lorithian said...

Thanks again for the Kinetix. I absolutely love it.

All the sketches you have posted there are great, but man... That Serina rules.

DBack25 said...

Great stuff Phil. Nice to see that you had a got time in Kansas. I hope you post more pieces.

The Batfan said...

Awesome pieces and thanks so much for the Bubbles as batgirl piece is awesome

Inkermoy said...

It was a pleasure to get some drawing done for all the peeps at Planet Comicon.

As for Mid-Ohio-Con, yeah I kinda miss doing the show, but it's become a little too expensive to get out there.

The Batfan said...

jeff can you email me I lost your email addy. my email is my screen name and my domain is the same as my screen name .com