Friday, June 26, 2009

Samurai Jack: Sanderella

I finished inking my 4 page Samurai Jack story based on Cinderella. Cept that Jack and The Scotsman are the Stepsisters in the story. I'd post 2 pages, but then that would be Half the story. As it is, the script has tons of narration in it, I hope I left enough room for the letterer to fit it all in. :)

I have a Jack inventory story to do (inventory meaning it's not really scheduled yet, maybe won't even be printed sometimes), but I also got to start gearing up for San Diego. We'll see if I get anything done for that... I hope so, but those pesky video games get in the way... *sigh* sometimes it's just damn inconvenient to have a Quad Core CPU sitting right behind you... ;P

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Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to read the Samurai Jack Cinderella story. I have to say that the sight of the evil-stepsister Scotsman in the revealing gown (revealing his--her?--hairy chest, that is) is hilariously disturbing.
But my favorite part was the last page, where evil-stepsister Jack is shown wearing a '50s-style poodle skirt. Who came up with that idea? It's utterly brilliant!
Anyway, I love your stuff! Hope we see more of it in the year to come.