Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shameless Plug #13 &14

A couple of titles that I worked on came out in the last few weeks. One is my last issue of World of Warcraft (#19) that I inked another 14 pages on. The other is Cartoon Network Action Pack, which has the long strung out Samurai Jack 8 Pager entitled "The Portal." It may seem longer than it is, maybe only because practically each page is separated by an ad of some sort. But that's the way the biz goes, and I have to thank Sean Ryan, my new editor for using my full name. :) Also, for not covering up my Firefly homage on Page 2 ^_^.

Currently I finished up the pencils for another Samurai Jack 4 pager and waiting for approvals to ink that. I normally don't have any problem with approvals and they rarely have me change things, but maybe they may have some question as to some of Jack's...uh...DRESSES! :3

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