Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fallcon Sketch Cards

Long Time no See! Yes, yes, I've been laxative in my duties updating even a simple blog, but here goes. I've been working on some semi secret projects of late, one of which I hope I can start posting on. Other than that, playing around too much with those pesky MMORPGs.

First up is a set of Sketch Cards done for the Midwest Comic Book Association to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. The MCBA runs the fabulous Fallcon up in Minneapolis, MN. They treat their guests well and I'm happy to do the little bit of extra work for them with these cards.

Colors came out of the scanner fine, except with some weird redish tint coming from the black Copic marker I used. The other exception is Blossom's orange hair and pink tones that got muddled. They're pretty much done now, though I don't know if I want to run out and grab a Glitter Pen to add a little Sparkle (heh, a pun :P).

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