Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time's Flying By! Noooes!!!!1!!

I've been catching up on some stuff lingering around my desk, a commish leftover from Acen that I finally got around to, Utena and Anthy from the anime Utena. Enjoy!

Thinking about my Bunny Sketchbook I wanted to get out for SDCC, but I probably won't be able to pull it off in time, so maybe I'll have to come up with some prints. Since it's PPG's 10th anniversary, I guess I can put together some new ones (the old ones are ooooold. :P) Maybe get a Yoko print done. And maybe a banner, skip bringing comics, cause we only get half a table now. :(

Other than that, still mulling over my pencils for my latest Samurai Jack 4 pager. He's not really in it that much, plus him and The Scotsman are in drag. It'll make sense once you get the context :P

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